security cameras installation in hyderabad

cctv camera installation services in hyderabad

cctv installation services in hyderabad

Hyderabad No'1, One-Step Solution For All Your Security System Needs.

Are you looking for high-grade advanced CCTV Cameras in Hyderabad with cctv installation an support?

smart secures, one step solutions CCTV Installation service. We are the leading professional, reliable and cost effective security company in Hyderabad. we installing CCTV Cameras for residential, commercial, industrial, and many sectors. we deal with different types of brands like cpplus, hikvision, dahua and many more.

Now a days, CCTV camera is sort of a Hidden security and proofs like sudden Threatening, Crimes, etc. We offer a range of experts to cctv installation. Our Technicians is here to install CCTV Surveillance in your required place without any problem during the time.

we provides great after sales service with in one-year on-site service and 2-years product warranty. We also provide a free on-site demo for clients.

Choosing The Right Product

we are best security camera installation in hyd. we have knowledge in all brands of cctv camera to provide you meet all your cctv surveillance needs. The brands we deal that includes IP cameras, Analog Cameras, HD cameras, DVRs and NVRs. Home security camera is provided by the experts particularly skilled in their area of work.

smart secures deals with an wide range of CCTV camera service installation in Hyderabad to residential, commercial & industries of varied sizes. Our service offers an wide range of CCTV installations with the latest cameras, dvrs and nvrs devices with real time high video quality recording and other security camera system.

Online Streaming

View your high quality video on your Mobile Phone for free, We install and set-up all your mobile devices for remote viewing.

24 X 7 Support

cctv camera surveillance systems will give a peace of mind to clients that their business and family must protected 24*7.

On Time Delivery

For us, customer services is main priority than sales. Therefore, we offer On-time delivery.

Customer Satisfaction

We will give great customer safety to assist your entire query with configuration and installation service.


View your property on your Mobile Phone ...for FREE!
smart secures, offers one-year on-site service warranty and 2-year product warranty. We also give a free on-site demo for clients.

  • Remote Mobile Viewing
  • Live video monitoring & Playback
  • Motion detection
  • High Definition (HD) Video
  • Internet Protocol (IP) Connectivity
  • Night Vision in Total lightlessness
  • Weatherproof Casings

Uses of CCTV camera Installation ?

smart secures, will help to keep eye on properties, children's, and employees more..

You get high quality video recording of your home camera when you go to office or on any place.

Banks as well as stores having CCTV camera footage give to customers confidence about safety and security system.

Are you looking for cctv installation company in Hyderabad. search for any websites and compare their price. But smart secures, all you have to do is make a few clicks.

You can receive a call for the specific time from one of the top cctv surveillance camera installation expects who will act as per your requirement and budget. Surprised?

cctv camera for home:

Are you looking for a cctv camera installation services or upgrade your cctv home security camera, you should consider for a good and trustworthy cctv installation. we provides latest technology security camera. we are the leading cctv camera installation company supplying to homes and businesses throughout hyderabad.

Bullet cctv camera

Bullet cameras are increase with features that offer good picture quality. It’s a day & night vision cctv camera with Infrared Cut filter.

It covers Long distance with high-speed real-time transmission is possible in cctv bullet camera. and also used for the exterior use. It is provide with Mobile and CMS software.

Bullet cctv camera installation

Dome cctv camera

Dome cameras are increase the features to make high-quality videos and images. It a Day/Night features with an Infrared cut filter.

Long distance high-speed real-time transmission is possible in cctv dome camera. it also used for internal use. It is provide with Mobile and CMS software.

dome cctv camera installation

CCTV installation near me

Looking for cctv installation near me. smart secures, cctv installation service and sit back and relax. We will purchase good quality all the hardware requirement and install the same at same time and place. we will provide experts today for prices and free site visit.

why cctv surveillance camera?

As one of the best cctv camera solution provider in HYD. we provide cctv surveillance that keeps a main number of large and medium businesses functioning. we offering the best cctv security solution with the noted and branded products. you can be assured all the Brands we meet the latest industry standards and is compliant with any kind of cctv surveillance at your place or at home.

Home security camera system:

A lot of cctv surveillance is used in homes, offices, and any place to develop the home security system. we are here to teach you the process to selecting the CCTV cameras and fix them in the right positions.

cctv camera installation near me : The high definition cctv Security cameras (AHD) are best suited for homes & Offices. They are in 1MP, 1.3MP and 2.4MP in various brands like cpplus, hikvision, dahua & more... The price range Starts from INR 13,000 to 17,000 for a 4 cctv camera package that includes installation and shows on mobile-view.

Digital Video Recorder (DVR) ; one of the main unit which is used to process for (CCTV Cameras) record the video surveillance system. The digital video recorder (DVR) should be the same brand or should be similar with the cctv security cameras. For the DVR to be similar and should give support to the technology used in the CCTV camera (HD-CVI, AHD etc.) and should support the resolution.

3+1 Copper Cable: The cable used to connect CCTV cameras is a ‘’3+1 copper cable’’ which is in 90mtrs Bundles.

surveillance Hard-Disk : it is used for Backup of cctv video recording and is attached to DVR/NVR. The HDD for CCTV Cameras ranges from 500 GB to 8TB. A 1TB HDD can give 30 days backup for a set of 4 cctv cameras (1.3 MP).As well as 500 GB HDD would give 15 days backup for the same set.

flats / villas / Open plots are installing CCTV Camera service to increase the security in their needs. Like Dahua, Hikvision, Cp-plus and more.. brands that may used.

smart secures commits to connect you the best expects in Hyderabad that in turn provide you best service. The entire project cost and expected time of work can be talked about with the expect itself. You can compare prices, before choosing what’s best for you.

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