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We are one of the most experienced and cost-effective cctv camera Installation Company in Hyderabad. We have 6+ years of experience as professional technician from install cctv camera for home, offices, industries, & prosperities. We are one of the leading cctv surveillance companies in hyderabad telangana. We deal with different types of brands like CP-Plus , Hikvision , Dahua and many more.

Now days, CCTV camera is sort of a Hidden security and proofs like sudden Threatening, Crimes, etc. We offer a range of experts to cctv installation. Our Technicians is here to install CCTV Surveillance in your required place without any problem during the time.

We provides great after sales service within one-year on-site service and 2-years product warranty. We also provide a free on-site demo for clients.

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cctv Surveillance Camera installation

Why smart secures?

We provide professional security camera installation services. If you are searching to install the cctv camera for home in a professional and reliable company with best experience in the field, feel free to contact us @ +91 9346 133 102. We are the top companies to provide best security camera systems and also mobile friendly surveillance camera systems in the Hyderabad.





What is the purpose to install best home surveillance system?

cctv camera installation near me

We are one of the most experienced and cost-effective cctv camera Installation Company in Hyderabad. We have 6+ years of experience as professional technician from install cctv camera for home, offices, industries, & prosperities. We are one of the leading cctv surveillance companies in hyderabad telangana.

Our goal has been the satisfaction of the customer regardless of the size of the project. We treat every single client equally. Moreover, our philosophy is “The client’s king”.

There are three steps to get your need CCTV installed.

  • 1. Contact us or send your requirements.
  • 2. We will visit your site at free of cost and send a quotation with an
    low budget with best price in the market.
  • 3. Upon your approval, we shall draft your invoice.

Then the work will be started and finished on time. There you go!


View your high quality video on your Mobile Phone for free, We install and set-up all your mobile devices for remote viewing.


cctv camera surveillance systems will give a peace of mind to clients that their business and family must protected 24*7.


For us, client service is main priority than sales. we offer On-time delivery.


We will give best client safety to assist your entire query with configuration and installation service.


lets get offer

Best security camera installation services.

Smart secures has dealed several projects. With the best quality, we have earned lots of client satisfaction. Smart secures make sure the quality of the best cctv camera and top-end technicians are part of the projects. So, looking service from an established company is much need. You can get a promotional code to avail one time discount of 10% on your security camera installation project cost by call @ +91 9346 133 102

What is the purpose of a cctv security cameras?

Home surveillance system

To see your little ones: A home surveillance system helps you watch the things happening around your home while you are at the working. A CCTV camera also helps you to watch your kids are doing during your working. The cctv surveillance system keeps your family protect and safe. It is need to install best security system with high resolution so that the video will be recorded with high quality.We set up an online cctv camera system thus you will be view your home or office where ever you are. We also install mobile apps in smart phones that will help you watch the CCTV video recording.


View your property on your Mobile Phone ...for FREE!
smart secures, offers one-year on-site service warranty and 2-year product warranty. We also give a free on-site demo for clients.

  • Remote Mobile Viewing
  • Live video monitoring & Playback
  • Motion detection
  • High Definition (HD) Video
  • Internet Protocol (IP) Connectivity
  • Night Vision in Total lightlessness
  • Weatherproof Casings

Best cctv camera for home

Home security system is a need now and any unexpected things happens that might not be in your thought. It is important, you should be taking protection to your properties.
It’s a big thing to be considered, since homes surveillance system is much less likely to be robbed. With proper security surveillance, we give peace of mind.

We help you to get the things done at affordable way. Make your enquiry today @ +91 9346 133 102

Installation of CCTV cameras for apartments and villas

Residents mostly look for wired HD analog CCTV camera installation depending on the usage of the cable pulling. People install CCTV cameras in their villas, houses, apartments in Hyderabad mainly for see their properties while the clients are working at their office during the day time.

CCTV Hyderabad is cheaper as compared to some other states, the installation of CCTV costs slightly lower. However, we offer reasonable CCTV camera installation charges in all over Hyderabad.

Top-class CCTV surveillance system providers.

It is good to be called as an top-class company that offers any type of best home security system solutions. it is very hard to gain good-will for any brand or services.

Very high quality service and quick support.

Smart secures has already installed more than 2000+ CCTV systems in the last 6 years of service We believe in our team of technicians, without them no milestone could be crossed yet. We are committed to delivery best CCTV camera installation service for each one our client regardless of the scope in the project.

BENEFITS of CCTV camera Installation ?

smart secures, will help to keep eye on properties, children's, and employees more..

You get high quality video recording of your home camera when you go to office or on any place.

Banks as well as stores having CCTV camera footage give to customers confidence about safety and security system.

Are you looking for cctv installation company in Hyderabad. search for any websites and compare their price. But smart secures, all you have to do is make a few clicks.

You can receive a call for the specific time from one of the top cctv surveillance camera installation expects who will act as per your requirement and budget. Surprised?

Bullet cctv camera

Bullet cameras are increase with features that offer good picture quality. It’s a day & night vision cctv camera with Infrared Cut filter.

It covers Long distance with high-speed real-time transmission is possible in cctv bullet camera. and also used for the exterior use. It is provide with Mobile and CMS software.

Bullet cctv camera installation

Dome cctv camera

Dome cameras are increase the features to make high-quality videos and images. It a Day/Night features with an Infrared cut filter.

Long distance high-speed real-time transmission is possible in cctv dome camera. it also used for internal use. It is provide with Mobile and CMS software.

dome cctv camera installation

CCTV installation near me

Looking for cctv installation near me. smart secures, cctv installation service and sit back and relax. We will purchase good quality all the hardware requirement and install the same at same time and place. we will provide experts today for prices and free site visit.

why cctv surveillance camera?

As one of the best cctv camera solution provider in HYD. we provide cctv surveillance that keeps a main number of large and medium businesses functioning. we offering the best cctv security solution with the noted and branded products. you can be assured all the Brands we meet the latest industry standards and is compliant with any kind of cctv surveillance at your place or at home.

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