Dome & Bullet cameras are two of the most popular models for modern CCTV cameras. If you need to select dome or Bullet cameras for your safety, don’t worry – they support most of the same equipment and features. But there are differences between dome and bullet cameras that should be considered. If you want day and night surveillance up to 24/7 with advanced features such as wide-angle camera display and panoramic zoom (PTZ), both types will be efficient.

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Dome CCTV Cameras

With dome-shaped camera cases resistant to weather and vandalism, dome-shaped cameras can withstand any element inside or outside. They are mostly mounted on ceilings, under eaves or soffits. Many also have wide-angle camera lenses, making them ideal for surveillance in larger areas. Comparing the dome cameras with the bullet cameras, the dome cameras are much smaller, making them a discreet CCTV surveillance solution in supermarkets, restaurants and other public areas.

Specifications for the Bullet camera:
  • Remote display and control via PC, smart phones and tablets.
  • High-res images and videos with dynamic wide-angle imaging and PTZ.
  • Intelligent night infrared surveillance clear footage in total darkness.
  • Highly efficient for surveillance inside and outside, day and night.
  • Weatherproof for reliable year-round surveillance.
  • Housing resists vandalism.
  • Adjustable on wall and ceiling.

Bullet CCTV Cameras

When we look at dome cameras vs. Bullet cameras, we can see a significant difference in the overall design and applications. Both offer reliable security surveillance, but bulletproof security cameras are the most popular wall cameras for internal and external security. They are available in 1080p and 4K Ultra HD resolution for superior image and video quality in low light and total darkness conditions.

The safety cameras have fixed or variable focal lengths. They are perfect for monitoring outdoor areas like perimeter fences, backyards, parking’s, hallways, shopping malls and other areas where you want visible deterrence on a property, inside and outside.

By comparing dome cameras to bullet cameras, bullet cameras are a better option for capturing the finer details like license plates and people’s faces at long distances for identification. So, if you can’t choose between dome or bullet cameras and you want more accurate pictures, opt for bullet cameras.

Specifications for the Bullet camera:
  • Remote visualization and control via PC, smart phones and tablets.
  • High-resolution pictures and videos with dynamic wide-screen camera.
  • Long-range IR night vision in total darkness.
  • Highly efficient for surveillance inside and outside, day and night.
  • Easy to set up, very efficient and reliable. It is important to keep in mind when choosing dome and bullet cameras.
  • Weatherproof and vandal resistant design for reliable monitoring all year round.
  • Wall mountable.

Based on your security needs and your own priorities for dome vs ball cameras, you can quickly create a comprehensive security system by adding a professional quality video recorder (NVR or DVR) to your dome cameras or bullet cameras. A custom surveillance solution lets you customize your equipment to suit your property’s security needs.

Take the decision.

So, dome vs bullet cameras – which is better? These are two great options for different stuff. These differences must be taken into account when choosing between dome and bullet cameras, but there is no simple answer. This means that the functions you choose are most suitable for your surveillance applications.

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