Different Types of CCTV Cameras and Their Importance?

The marketplace is full of different types of CCTV cameras to keep you safe. You want to know about the CCTV system? Safety is essential in all spheres of life. Due to ongoing technological advances, people and their assets can now be fully protected.

Commercial and residential areas are now adopting a standard safety protocol that helps reduce crime and monitor activities 24/7. Surveillance is possible with all kinds of CCTV cameras. Let’s see what kind of security cameras.

There are many security systems on the market today, but surveillance is one of the most widely used and popular measures.

Learn about the types of CCTV cameras and specs you can use.

Surveillance is an ongoing inspection or surveillance of a site, person or activity to collect information. People are always looking for the best Wi-Fi camera and the best video surveillance camera on the Internet. Both are great for keeping an eye on the environment.

Specifications for the Bullet camera:
  • CCTV camera
  • Dome camera
  • Bullet camera
  • C-Mount camera
  • PTZ Pan-tilt camera
  • Day/Night camera
  • Infrared camera
  • IP camera
  • HD camera
  • Wireless camera

What is CCTV camera?

What is (CCTV) closed circuit television? The CCTV Camera is an electronic camera that is used for video surveillance. CCTV cameras are available in various shapes, sizes, styles, configurations and are designed to meet a variety of requirements. If you are looking for CCTV camera services in Hyderabad, then head to Smart secures and start securing your Family, Business & Property.

Dome Camera?

Dome cameras are called such for their case where the camera is placed. The biggest advantage of this closed-circuit television is that nobody understands the direction the camera shows for its dome structure.

  • Easy installation.
  • Perfect for indoors.
  • It is vandal resistant.
  • 180 Fixed covers all corners.
Perfect for:
  • Shopping and Dining.
  • Business & Property.
  • Cash counters.
Bullet camera?

These surveillance devices are so designed that they can be seen from a distance. They usually have a cylindrical shape and are effective at capturing long distances. Bullet camera is perfect for outdoor use because they can handle heat, dust, dirt and water.

  • Resists all types of weather and environment conditions.
  • Visible from long distances, it acts as a deterrent.
  • Can capture a long-range view.
  • The rugged housing protects the device against any attack.
Perfect for:
  • Industrial usages.
  • Land management and agricultural land.
  • Any outdoor use.
C-Mount camera?

C-Mount camera is a higher model of bullet camera. They are perfect for people who want to capture flexible points of view. The surveillance gadget has removable lenses which you can change to follow the different distances. Unlike bullet models, they are bulky and therefore readily visible remotely acting as a deterrent to criminals.

  • Can capture more than 40 feet away with editable lenses.
  • Easy to see from long distances.
  • The rugged housing protects the camera from strange surroundings.
  • Great for outdoor use.
Perfect for:
  • Highly popular in Logistics industries.
  • The food and manufacturing sectors also prefer them.
  • All locations with strange temperatures and fluctuations.
PTZ Pan-tilt camera

The PTZ camera helps you monitor and have complete control of everything that is recorded. The camera can be turned left or right with a button. Even zoom back and forth, tilt upward or downward. These devices respond perfectly to your needs when you have personal security surveillance live in the field.

  • Zoom in to focus on the topic.
  • Tilt and pan for a 360º view.
  • Facial features recognized due to high resolution.
  • Personalized live screening.
Perfect for:
  • Perfect for remote visualization.
  • It is ideal for business.
  • Perfect for museums.
  • Entry and exit doors in high security areas.
Day/Night Camera

The specialty of day/night cameras is that they can record bright images independently of the light in their close environment. They are specially designed to work effectively under dark conditions. There are highly sensitive imaging chips, which make it possible.

  • Low light recording and bright capture.
  • Color and black & white recording.
  • Works efficiently independently of sunlight, glare and glare.
  • Robust housing to better protect the camera.
Perfect for:
  • Business premises with 24×7 registration.
  • Any external surveillance anywhere

Based on your security needs and your own priorities for dome vs ball cameras, you can quickly create a comprehensive security system by adding a professional quality video recorder (NVR or DVR) to your dome cameras or bullet cameras. A custom surveillance solution lets you customize your equipment to suit your property’s security needs.

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