Let’s briefly review some of the top best CCTV brands in India that have put in place the best functionality and many other add-ons that make it a profitable purchase.

cctv camera top brands

Top CCTV brands in India for personal and business use:


HikVision is a leading CCTV brand available in India. It’s a China company. It is also the world’s leading supplier of CCTV products. HikVision has an undisputed reputation for making top quality CCTV cameras. They have objectives that are far better than any other CCTV. They have a lot of wonderful features like large megapixel resolution and dynamic zoom. They are available in a variety of low-cost domed IP cameras for high-performance PTZ cameras. Their main salient feature is the automatic zoom lens which gives the CCTV a stylish touch and this feature also sets it higher than competitors.

This is by far the most popular and effective brands of CCTV cameras. The CCTV HikVision is available in many different prices, from low-end to affordable.

Customer feedback and evaluations have been more than satisfactory and can be safely concluded that this product is reliable, value for money. This is very useful if you need 4 Full HD cameras.

  • Attractive Appearance: The CCTV HikVision’s style and design are good.
  • Camera description: 2Megapixels.
  • HIKVISION Full HD 2 MP cameras.
  • Analog HDD output, up to 1080P resolution.


CP plus is one of India’s top 10 most popular CCTV brands. They manufacture a wide range of surveillance and security cameras for a wide range of industries. Their advertisement in a very traditional way channels the mass platform. This is a highly efficient and popular brand of safety gadgets. They are producing a wide variety of CCTVs ranging from various sizes, shapes, colors, lenses offering other features like focus lenses, auto-zoom, and many more.

Even prices vary widely. All low-end to costly ranges are available. Selection can be made based on the specifications and prices. CP plus has a guarantee for all its products.

CP plus offers a wide variety of CCTVs to select from among HD varieties, megapixel options, LCD monitors and secret security cameras.

CP Plus has a key role to play. This is a very popular brand with strong reviews. These cameras are the ideal choice for houses, flats, offices, public spaces, etc.

Camera specifications

  • Mbro 18 meter 2 PC cable package.
  • DVR Description: H.264 dual video compression stream, any 1080P Lite Non-Real Time Recording channel, AHD Support, TVI, CVI, CVBS, IP video input, HDMI/VGA simultaneous video output. Supports 1 SATA port up to 8 TB, 2 USB ports (2.0), mobile software: cMOB-20, CMS software: RVMS Pro.
  • 4 channel power supply 1PC, DC 2 PCs.
  • Camera description: 2.4 MP Astra HD, IR Dome and Bullet Camera – 20 meter, 1/2.7″ 2.4 MP, 25/30 fps to 2.4 MP, min. Illuminating: Color (0.1 Lux), White and Black (0.01 Lux IR LED On). 3.6mm Lens, IR Range of 20 meters, Day/Night (ICR), AWB, AGC, BLC, Plug-n-Play HD/SD Camera, Equipped with fine IR LEDs for clearer night vision, Compatible with HDx, AHD, HDCVI, CVBS and HDTVI DVRs, IP66 weatherproof.
  • 2 year warranty of camera manufacturer and DVR. 1 year hard disk and power supply warranty. (BNC, DC, Adapter, Mouse, Remote, Cable, Physical Damage and Burns are not covered in warranty). The set-up is not included.


Samsung is a very popular and well-known video surveillance company in India. They are in a lot of other household items too. They’re also in the CCTV industry. They were equal to their name. They have very durable CCTV cameras.

Samsung also provides a wide range of security monitoring cameras that have many unique features. Along with other CCTV brands, they also have affordable CCTV cameras. Prices range from top to bottom due to specs. They provide the best of each segment. They are very popular.

Camera specifications:

  • Dual Megapixel 1080P Full HD Dome CCTV Camera.
  • 1/2.8” Sony Exmor 1080P Full HD Sensor
  • High resolution 2.1 MP.
  • 3.6 mm. Full HD fixed target.
  • High quality color outlet.
  • AHD video outlet.


The Sony brand is not in need of introduction. It is a highly popular brand in many home electronics gadgets. One of those electronic surveillance and security devices is the CCTV. This is a very famous name in the area of electric gadgets. Sony’s own brand talks about the quality of their closed-circuit television cameras. Sony is a brand that has been known as a reliable brand. Added to the brand value CCTVs come with some of the most chosen features, making them more popular.

Their CCTV cameras are scalable, cost effective. It is delivered with a network video surveillance system including network camera and surveillance applications. It monitors and protects offices, factories and public spaces with the help of dome cameras. Sony CCTV provides security with fixed analog cameras. It offers Full HD picturing quality with outstanding clarity. The other features of this one also include autofocus and zoom that makes its performance a lot better.


Bosch’s name says everything. It is one of the top 10 CCTV brands in India and has built and gained an enormous loyal clientele that attests to the quality of BOSCH products. Not surprisingly, BOSCH CCTV is one of CCTV’s top brands.

They have a huge range of CCTVs which range from extremely low to extremely high price variants. They undoubtedly cater to a wide range of CCTVs which have a variety of CCTV cameras which consists of intrusion, video surveillance, fire detection, detection, voice alarm, management systems, and access control.

The BOSCH CCTV camera is completely flexible. There are many other extra features that are not there in CCTVs from other brands.

Camera specifications:

FLEXIDOME, which is fixed, DINION (ball) and, DINION cameras, whose resolutions are up to 5 MP, and they also produce low-light solutions. They have special analysis. All their CCTV cameras have a vital video analysis onboard. All valuable data stored can be relaunched or retrieved quickly from saved videos and, if necessary, sends alerts. BOSCH CCTV cameras have much rarer, more advanced features such as advanced intrusion, automatic detection with timely alerts. It provides users with many other features that go over and above security. BOSCH DC TVs have a number of other attractive features.


The Godrej brand is one of the most famous video surveillance brands in India. Godrej provides a wide variety of electronic gadgets and has been a well-known brand of furniture as well. They offered many electronic products as well as high security solutions like the CCTV camera. It comes with great prices. Godrej’s name is a brand worth trusting. Godrej but it does good work with security cameras as well.

Camera specifications:

Their devices have a resolution of 1080p and a dome of 2MP. Some of them are metal-coated. They have a lot of similar characteristics in their CCTVs like those of other brands.

a. Seethru HD IR security camera.

b. 2MP Camera

c. Plastic material


Dahua is an internationally-based company focused on the manufacture and marketing of security cameras. Their CCTV is extremely popular in India. They produce very reliable and affordable products. They take care of a wide range of CCTV products. They offer various features like low light recording, night cams, etc.

Camera specifications:

DAHUA DH-XVR4A04 4CH HD DVR 1Pcs, Dahua DH-HAC-T1A21P 2Pcs domed camera, Dahua DH-HAC-B1A21P 2Pcs ball camera. 1 To Toshiba / Seagate / WD Harddrive 1Pcs, CCTV Copper Cable 1 Bundle, Bnc 8 Pcs, Dc 4 Pcs, 4CH Power Supply 1Pcs .


Honeywell is also one of India’s top 10 closed-circuit television brands and is a well-known U.S. Multinational manufacturer of consumer products, aerospace systems and engineering services. It is also in the manufacture of security solutions, products such as CCTV cameras.

Camera specifications:

HONEYWELL 2MP (3.6MM) 1080P Vandal IR Bullet Full HD Fixed Lens OSD Camera (HABC-2005PI). 1080 resolution, 3.6MM lens, 20 Mtr IR range, Size- 148mm (L) x 65mm (H) x 63mm (D). Real-time preview without latencies or delays. OSD camera, ASD & analog DVR compatible. Two year warranty.


The brands listed above are the most famous and the 10 largest CCTV brands available in India. These are the brands that are well known for their name because of the quality of the products they deliver. These CCTVs are of the highest quality and good performance. These have all the latest features of technology, providing clients with much more than security alone. It is advisable to check the various products prior to finalizing. Most importantly, buying as needed. Verify all details prior to final selection.

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